Come play; it's good for you.

Build a Mind

Fourple helps to grow important life skills such as logical thinking, spatial reasoning, creativity and innovation.  Each move requires a person to make logic decisions - If I place my piece here, then my opponent may place theirs there.  People move around to view the game from various angles and better evaluate the spatial relationships.  The game constantly changes so players enjoy lots of practice understanding and evaluating 3 dimensional relationships. 

Older Adults: Use it or lose it

For older adults, the goal is to preserve brain function and memory.  If we don’t use it, we loose it.  Many people do crossword puzzles or suduko to exercise their brains.  Fourple provides spatial challenges that exercise different parts of the brain than the part that manages words and numbers. Three dimensional thinking preserves brain elasticity and improves your mind’s ability to learn and adapt.


Electronic toxicity

Many children (and adults) are addicted to video games and electronic entertainment.  Your only hope for an antidote is an alternative option that is at least as compelling as the hypnotic video screen.   Fourple works. Administer in small doses to develop a healthy resistance to video addiction.  The first step is admitting you have a problem. 

The Secret Sauce

Fourple game pieces are intentionally designed so they are pleasing to stack. The blocks are large enough to easily grasp and precise enough to stack securely without wobble.  We perfected this concept with KEVA planks and use it the same way with Fourple.  It is a simple concept that must be done well to capture the magic of stacking and make each opportunity to place your Fourple piece a pleasant activity.  

Out of sight, out of mind

Fourple is not just another game to be forgotten in the closet.  We made it from beautiful American Birch so you can leave it out to compliment the decor of your home.  It can be your go-to activity for almost any guest.  Toddler’s? Give them some Fourple blocks to play with - that’s all you need.  Older kids play against each other or with you.   Grandparents have an instant activity to bridge the generations and connect with the grandchildren. 

"Grandpa, will you play with me?"

Fourple brings generations together - an excellent bonding game for grandparents and grandkids. Thestrategy required does not intimidate anyone.  Its a great gift for grandparents so grandchildren have something fun to do at their house. 

Engineering young minds

We’ve also included fun non competitive construction challenges using 2 dimensional technical drawings/orthographic drawings which guide players to create unique 3 dimensional structures.  These fun puzzles help children develop an important life skill which is especially important of architects, engineers and designers.  Anyone who wants to make something on a 3D printer needs to understand the concept of technical drawings or blueprints.  Three dimensional visualization can be a difficult skill to learn but Fourple 3D Puzzles make it fun and achievable.  Your children can have a head start in their careers because of the challenges you provide at home.

Art Matters

If you’re not in the mood for competition you can build interesting beautiful designs with the game pieces.  Blocks are not just for young children.  People of all ages find it relaxing to explore new ways to arrange the pieces for artistic affects.  The more you do it, the more ideas you’ll have for new structures.  Simple innovation stacking the game pieces helps to exercise creative problem solving.  Many adults haven’t done art since grade school - but they love art when it is not intimidating.  Fourple Art is very easy for anyone. The beautiful game pieces make almost any structure look artistic.

No Ordinary Blocks

The Good, the bad, and the Ugly

The Good: Fourple, at it’s most basic level, is a set of beautiful birch blocks and cylinders. All of the pieces are unmarked without any alphabet letters or decorative designs. They allow children and people of any age to create beautiful projects.

The Bad and Ugly: Most children’s blocks sets have too many different shapes and colors to encourage coherent design.   Usually children’s blocks include several primary colors,  squares, rectangles, triangles, arches etc - all mixed together.  The mish mash makes attractive design difficult - even for me, an adult.  Traditional blocks are certainly valuable but they have limitations when it comes to rational design.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Davinci

Fourple reduces the options to just two shapes but provide plenty of pieces which opens up the world of design, even for a toddler.  Consider the basic brick and the millions of buildings,  streets,  and garden walls that have been creatively designed by stacking one simply shaped piece.  Fourple uses the same concept.  The round shape of the cylinder provides an extra level of diversity but keeps the overall system very simple.

Electronic Babysitters

We know from child development studies that children gain great benefits by playing with blocks. Physically playing with blocks is a foundational activity that helps children develop spatial awareness, hand/eye coordination,  counting, cooperation, creativity,  balance and much more.  If a parent neglects this developmental opportunity and allows too much electronic usage by young children, the child may not reach their full potential.  Children overexposed to electronics will miss out on the inherent pleasure of making physical things now and be will be less competent at making virtual things later. 

Made in america matters

We proudly make Fourple in the United States. Very few games are made in the US because it requires so much extra work and innovation to make it work financially.  With our KEVA planks company, we mastered manufacturing in the U.S.  With Fourple, we are able to use the same sources and techniques to make it work when other toy companies cannot.  Manufacturing in the U.S. allows us to better control the quality and quality matters when it comes to stacking. Precision cutting is the secret to secure, satisfying stacking. Please join us in supporting US jobs. Our game costs a little more than cheap imports but you will notice the exceptional quality.

Join Us

We invite you to join us in our mission to make the world into a more beautiful, thoughtful, welcoming place - one living room at a time.  And we’d like to start with yours.