Above: Ken and daughter Kate prepare for a battle of wits on an early prototype of Fourple.

The Fourple Story

Several years ago, after an evening filled with the verbose instruction pamphlet of an overly complicated strategy game, Ken felt there was something left wanting in the game industry. And thus, Fourple was born.

Leslie's plight in the faces of complicated game instructions resonated well with Ken.


Ken Scheel is the Director of KEVA Planks Education and an internationally sought after trainer for educators, Science Centers, and Children's Museums. He Specializes in developing hands on learning experiences that are so much fun, kids forget they are learning. Ken helps teachers supplement lessons with physically active challenges for kinesthetic learners. He was ranked the #2 presenter at the Young Child Conference & Expo in New York City. Ken is the founder of KEVA Planks Company and a professional toy inventor. His educational toys have earned some of the most prestigious awards in the industry including the Disney Family Fun Toy of the Year. Ken lives in Virginia and plays with his wife because his three daughters are grown and usually playing with someone else. 

Amy (Kickstarter Manager) is a Youth & Social Innovation Major in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. Her major uses theory, research, and community service to inform innovation in youth programming, policy, and education. Through her work with the family's educational toy company, Amy has taught informal education workshops at conferences in the US, such as the American Camp Association conference, and abroad. This summer, she travelled to China to lead training on informal education at a teacher conference and Consult with Chinese education leaders on integrating active play into curriculum. As a  proud member of the Millennial Generation, she has had years of training on social media.