Every elementary teacher needs a selection of engaging education self directed activities that students can do when they have a bit of free time.  The best activities are fun and compelling so that students are motivated to complete tasks and earn the right to do something extra that is fun. 

The secret is finding activities that enhance the student’s development in a way that is so interesting, they don’t object to the extra thinking that is required.  

We built our education business on this concept with KEVA planks.  Most teachers who bring KEVA planks into their classroom soon cannot imagine teaching without them.  We are excited to bring Fourple to educators as another helpful option.  

We have developed many different ways to play the game and provide thought provoking challenges with the game pieces.  Everything about Fourple is designed to be engaging, self directed, fun and meaningful. 

Fourple inventor, Ken Scheel, demonstrates pattern play - an educational activity with Fourple Blocks.

Quick Play for tiny slices of time

Most Fourple games and activities require just a few minutes to play so students can participate even if they don’t have much time.  The short games make it practical for students to rotate in and out of game play.  Students can challenge the winner of the current game or play best of three etc.  


KEVA planks are a particularly helpful tool for teach STEM concepts.  Teaching children to understand orthographic drawings can be a difficult task.  Many teachers give up on it so many students see them for the first time in high school or college.  Anyone you wants to make things on a 3D printer must understand technical drawings but converting 2D drawings into 3D structures requires unique skills and a new way of thinking.  Fourple 3D puzzles make it simple enough to introduce and grow these essential skills.  

Designed for design

Everyone expects to see blocks in kindergarten classrooms but Fourple blocks extend all of the well established developmental benefits of blocks into older grades that might consider blocks to be too childish. Frank Lloyd Wright and his team used to play with blocks during the work day to unwind from the rigors of blueprint details. If it was good for Frank, it is good for your 6th graders.  Fourple blocks are purposely made for design and to not look childish.  

Lesson Plans

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Educational Research

As an educator, you are already aware of the importance of block play for child development. Check out the extensive research documenting the importance of blocks in education.

Toxic Electronics

As children are exposed to more electronic devices at home, the importance of blocks at school has been magnified. High exposure to electronic devices can be especially detrimental for very young children. Blocks can be part of the solution.