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Children's games don't have to look childish.


Fourple isn't just another game to be forgotten in the closet - it is your go-to activity for almost any guest. Rules are quick and simple so the fun starts immediately. The beautiful birch game pieces are intentionally designed so they are pleasing to stack and look good in any living room. 

Thanks for your help launching Fourple into living rooms nationwide.

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Thanks for launching fourple

February 2016 we launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the game! 130 backers helped us zoom past our goal by 186% and got to be the first to bring the fun of Fourple to their living rooms.

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Fourple Art

If you're not in the mood for competition, Fourple offers beautiful design opportunities and ways to stretch your brain in non-competitive play.

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How did Fourple begin?

As a toy inventor, Ken's "fun-game-spidey-sense" began to tingle after a long game night filled with 17 page instructional manuals, similar in complexity to The Cones of Dunshire (see video at right). Ken realized that the world needed a game that was fun to play, quick to explain, satisfying for a wide age range, and beautiful enough to display in your house year round.